• Tom Morrison, President

    As president of ESM Integrity, Tom’s experience spans four decades. Tom was a founding partner of Integrity Food Marketing, which later became affiliated with ESM® to become ESM Integrity, bringing experience from every level of the business from retail merchandiser up to executive-level positions. As president, Tom’s focus is to surround himself with good, honest people who are passionate about the business. “At ESM Integrity, our clients know that they will get an honest answer,” says Tom. He adds that it’s ESM Integrity’s people that have contributed to the success of both principals and customers—that it’s not just a job to them. “Everyone in our company has an entrepreneurial spirit and it shows, not only to the client, but to the customer.”

  • Joe Irwin, Executive Vice President

    Joe is a founding partner of Integrity Food Marketing which later became affiliated with ESM® to become ESM Integrity, and brings 35 years CPG industry experience to his role as Executive Vice President and Ahold Team Leader. With a deep understanding of the MidAtlantic region’s unique go-to-market format, Joe is committed to bringing timely observations and actionable insights to both his clients and customers. He knows that trust is earned by fulfilling commitments made. “Prompt follow up,” Joe says, “and follow through are a must.” Joe believes the access to information gained through the BeaconUnited® relationship, coupled with the local ownership of ESM Integrity, allows him and his team greater flexibility. “And that means more passion delivered on behalf of our clients and customers.”  

  • Karen Astheimer, Vice President of Marketing

    Karen brings over 30 years of experience building custom marketing and technology solutions to meet the combined goals of client and customer. Karen grew up in the supermarket industry, beginning her career at A&P Tea Company where she worked in retail stores, marketing and customer service. Today, she works within ESM Integrity to develop marketing programs, maintain Nielsen compliance and monitor technology/equipment needs. As the Vice President of Marketing, Karen accredits Integrity’s local expertise to achieving success with clients and customers. Karen says at ESM Integrity, “We treat everyone fairly and make their goals our goals.”

  • Paul McGurkin, Vice President–Frozen/Dairy


    Paul has worked in the retail supermarket business since 1974, spending 25 years as a food broker representing frozen and dairy clients, as well as calling on all key retailers and wholesalers in the frozen and dairy departments.  His experience lies in the knowledge of his customers and understanding of his clients' needs in order to be successful in the MidAtlantic region.  Paul's work ethic and truthfulness, regardless of the consequences, make his philosophy invaluable to clients and their successes.  "I feel fortunate" Paul says, "to have worked for, or with, leaders who have taught me how to be successful and treat customers and clients fairly."

  • Dave Bielen, Vice President–Meat/Deli/Seafood

    Dave’s industry successes, which span more than four decades, are the direct result of the various positions he has held in both the retail store environment and the retail sales business. His drive to add value to both clients and customers each day is exemplified by his ability to deliver on key performance indicators and increase consumer penetration. “It’s important to understand and embrace industry trends,” Dave says. “The goal is to work with clients to act, rather than react.” His honesty, candidness and results-oriented nature make him an asset to ESM Integrity and his clients.

  • Ron Fellman, Executive Vice President–Confection

    Since 1983, Ron has provided a wealth of cross-functional expertise to the Retail Operations division of ESM Integrity. Among his many responsibilities within the organization, Ron ensures Retail Standards are upheld and properly executed at store level and that all merchandising and selling opportunities are explored. For clients, he offers clarity and understanding around the many services provided by ESM Integrity. For associates, Ron offers guidance with regard to the Retail Team's roles, and how to best grow profitability. Ron believes that there is strength in numbers and that more feet on the street equates to superior service. "With a name like Integrity, we must be honest and forward with our approach," Ron says. "Our company's success has been the result of honesty, open dialog, teamwork and hard work."

  • Chris Chase, Sr. Vice President–Confection

    A third generation candy business expert, Chris began his career in confections after graduating from Bryant University. He brings 34 years’ experience in confection and was the president and owner of Chase-Goldenberg Associates until moving his business to Integrity ESM in 2010. Chris has expertise in all classes of trade—from wholesale to convenience, vending, grocery, drug and mass merchandise. As an employee of Integrity, Chris is responsible for running the confection and snack department and growing the business with their manufacturers. He was elected into the National Candy Hall of Fame in 2011, however he says, “continued respect and trust from my customers are what I consider the most significant factors contributing to our mutual success.”

  • Bob Gossweiler, Director of Grocery

    Bob brings 32 years of experience in the grocery, perishable and non-foods business, calling on all classes of trade. He understands that progress is achieved when bringing clients and customers together in their needs to create a successful sales solution. Bob treats clients’ funding like it is his own. “If it is a bad spend, I will tell the client,” Bob says. But at ESM Integrity, he doesn’t feel that this is unique to him—at ESM Integrity, the client is ever at the forefront.

  • Bratton Shaw, Director of Produce

    A decade of experience working on the manufacturer side of the business has taught Bratton that his brand was the most important. And after 23 years in the broker business, his perspective has not changed—the perspective that his brands deserve the best representation. Bratton approaches his business as if he worked directly for the manufacturer, continually looking for ways to sell more and elevate sales to the next level. Bratton’s expertise and passion lie in the perimeter departments including meat/deli, dairy, frozen, seafood, produce and bakery. As Director of Produce, he holds firmly that, “it is still critical to get in front of the buyer to map the futures of both client and customer—together.” Bratton believes that ESM Integrity being centralized in the market—with a focus on both key headquarter relationships as well as individual retail store execution—are keys to their success.

  • Joe Grostas, Director of Retail

    With over 15 years of industry experience, Joe successfully manages a diverse team of Retail Territory Managers throughout the Mid-Atlantic. His team ensures that all retail expectations are properly accomplished in a timely manner. In doing so, Joe and his team identify merchandising opportunities to maximize sales from a retail perspective. Consistent store coverage provided by in-house, experienced reps is the key to his team’s success.